Our vision:
A world where everyone has immediate access to humanity's expert knowledge, transformed into executable guidance whenever it is needed.


Whenever it comes to execution, nobody is looking for millions of results. We are looking for one result.


When we face a challenge in life, the knowledge required to tackle it usually already exists somewhere. We just don’t have practical access to it.

There are currently two main paths to finding knowledge to apply to our challenges: either an Internet search or using an in-person expert. Both have value, but neither fulfill the Miljn vision of universal high-quality guidance.

Advice from the Internet suffers from serious shortcomings. While the volume of solutions is overwhelmingly high, the quality is highly variable – and mostly low. When concrete guidance on how-to-do-it is the focus of the search, many of the best search results are actually not designed to reveal the knowledge and solve the problem. They are instead designed to create leads for the billing of consulting hours, or as the wide end of a sales funnel into proprietary online courses. As such, sharing real expertise onthe internet rarely creates direct monetary benefit for the expert. Fur thermore, the formats that are used are static and uninspiring; PDFs, videos and web articles.

Until now, there has been no dynamic, scalable structure that simultaneously delivers high quality guidance for the recipient, protects the interests of the sharing expert, and unlocks the potential for creation of, and access to, the world’s executable knowledge.

Building the structure that brings the experts guidance online

Democratizing expert guidance

Miljn offers a new pattern of interaction with knowledge to overcome the limitations of current paradigms. It empowers people to immediately engage with the valuable existing expertise of others whenever it is required.

We believe that universal access to expert guidance is key to a more inclusive and less wasteful society. We transform expert knowledge to make it executable for everyone. We are building the platform to get things done.

The Internet, that we know today as Web 2.0, lacks the structure for value creation, inclusivity, fairness, security, and integrity that we envision for shared human knowledge. We see a decentralised Web3 as the opportunity to shake off these limitations and move forward in a profoundly new way.

Value Creation

We love web search when we are looking for services, products, places, offers, articles or news. But when it comes to expert knowledge web search fails to provide us with the relevant results immediately and accurately. To be effectively applied, expert knowledge requires special treatment, not simply to be utilised as a promotional tool.

Miljn fills the guidance gap with a hybrid solution of mass personalisation and direct expert contact. A core path of guidance through a topic is automatically suggested according to particular users preferences, then presented through the best fitting human interface. If an individual has deeper questions that go beyond the basics, the Miljn system allows an ongoing connection to the expert topic author, who can professionally – and profitably – connect with these users to propel them towards their goals.

We create value by removing the obstacles to a smooth transition from the widely shared core guidance to the advanced individual support. The economic interests of the expert are represented on both sides of this process, which distinguishes the service provision from the simple use of his personal time.

Miljn is therefore driven by a combination of human interface design, networked knowledge structure and distributed ledger web3 technology. Each knowledge domain can be expanded and governed autonomously by a group of experts and other stakeholders, where smart contracts execute the business logic for each domain.

Knowledge domains

It is not sufficient to simply treat “knowledge” differently from other service offerings. Each expert knowledge domain will have differences in character that require configuration and mapping into the most appropriate structure. And it is even conceivable that this structure would change over time as the knowledge domain grows.

The knowledge domains “healthy eating” and “corporate IT security” require differing rule sets: How is content added? By whom? How are quality assurance and monetary incentivisation achieved? How can harmful contentbe removed quickly? We treat each topic as an independent domain, andenable an optimal “governance” for each.

Furthermore, not every knowledge domain is suitable for every audience. Company-specific knowledge in commercial organisations demands the creation of a domain with private segregated access. The company cansecurely expand their proprietary knowledge, but it remains connected to agrowing global system.

In summary, each knowledge domain must be treated as an individual entity with its own set of capabilities, governance and economy. The role of Miljn isto build the tools and ecosystem that enable the creation, configuration and operation of these domains.

NFTs provide the perfect solution to realise these requirements.

Web3 ecosystem

Miljn is leveraging web3 technology to deliver the required tools and ecosystem, in ways that have not been possible until today. Web3 applies at the level of the knowledge domain, and also for the Miljn organisation as a whole. Here we want to give a general outline of what components will exist and the broad purpose they serve.

The Miljn Knowledge NFTs

  • A knowledge domain is represented by an NFT.
  • The NFT is a unique asset that begins as an “unwritten book” and becomes filled over time with content of a knowledge domain.
  • It points to the actual Miljn data hosted in a decentralised online storage.
  • It expresses unequivocal ownership of that knowledge domain content in Miljn.
  • There will be a variety of types of NFT depending on the specificknowledge domain.
  • The NFT is connected to smart contracts that are configured to the specific business logic; managing governance, cost and revenue streams for creators and owners.

Knowledge Domain DAOs

  • DAOs enable shared ownership of a knowledge domain among multiple parties.
  • The ownership confers voting rights to enable the governance ofthe individual NFTs or the whole knowledge domains when itcontains more than one NFT.
  • It can own and govern one or many NFTs to form the Knowledge Domain.
  • It controls the Miljn App behavior for a specific case or set of cases.

$MJN token

  • The token assigns governance power over the overall Miljn DAO and the individual knowledge domain. Token holders direct the future development of the ecosystem.
  • The token acts as a security that may increase in value over time.

Native network token

  • A pre-existing token can be used to exchange value within the system. - eg ICP, Ethereum or possibly even a stablecoin, pegged to a traditional currency.

Token Distribution

Miljn $MJN tokens will be initially distributed with a fixed genesis allocation. Any further issuance, must be decided upon by the token holders through the governance process. The ecosystem must continuously respond to the demands of growth, weighting governance power towards actively contributing users, while simultaneously honoring the interests of early investors.

The three entities of Miljn team, investors, and creators must be balanced, with one third of the governance to each.

In the initial issuance, Miljn GmbH will be allocated a quantity of the total genesis tokens which will be “staked” to establish full governance. This governance power is then diluted with subsequent token issues to incrementally build a distributed voting community.