The Miljn community is building the KNS - the Knowledge Nervous System.


While nerves and neurons exist only in biological beings, we refer to networked data objects as neurons out of our respect for nature's masterful creation of the most powerful information network in the known universe: the human brain. We are building an artificial information network, fed and controlled by experts and enhanced by AI, to grow human intelligence. We respectfully call it the KNS.


Human Interface for Intelligence

A universal human interface designed to provide the best knowledge experience and guide experts in creating and maintaining their expertise, aiming to reduce information loss between humans and machines and create the best symbiosis of the three: The client, the expert and the machine.


Knowledge Neurons

Powerful nodes of knowledge; visually represented with cognitive ease, starting as cards containing text or media and filled over time with useful functionality and intelligence; able to connect to other nodes and recognise successful patterns of connection; to be fueled by NFTs and smart contracts that will be able to access transactions, services, and third party information systems.


Artificial Assistance

Machine learning to enable successful human process execution and support the expert and his client in a manner beyond todays practices; AI is brought in place exactly the way the expert needs it; recognising the successful procedural patterns that deliver the highest class of advisory services, and thereby gaining the ability to reapply the right pattern to a new case in the way the expert would model it themselves.



A fundamental shift in the experts’ guidance target and behavior, separating service amortisation from the hours spent. Miljn uses a decentralised Web3 economy that features a level of openness, inclusion, fairness and trust beyond the weaknesses of today’s platform economies.



While starting and learning on an efficient and secure Web2 architecture, we will move onto the ICP Internet Computer for its autonomous capabilities, network performance and user sovereignty that is emerging on Web3, the next stage of the Internet.

Development report


Feb 2023

KN Deleted neuron recovery
KN Check lists 
HI Multi-level grid navigation
HI Dashboard wrapped layout


Mar 2023

KN Whole card cut/paste
EC Persisting topic URLs
HI Closed card design optimisation
HI Mobile neurons 0.1 - 0.2 

A bit more insight into Knowledge Neurons

When we read an expert’s book, what happens today is that we know something new; for example how to change our diet to live more healthily. or how to achieve optimal cyber security. But do we actually change our behaviour effectively based on what we read? Most of us share the experience that after reading a book, we fail to implement the valuable advice.

Knowledge captured in a book is static. Hundreds of thoughts inseparably chained together. It is universal and un-dynamic; every reader gets the same, based on the codex principles of book-making that have remained unchanged for four millennia. Have we reached the end of our own knowledge evolution, leveraged the full potential of information technology, when we scan our books into static, stone-cold dead PDFs? It cannot but true, but so much of our knowledge is treated this way.

When we instead lay out knowledge as a networked structure, where a chapter, paragraph or thought becomes a node connected to other nodes, our knowledge is empowered. It can respond to impulses such as the addition of another search term, the entry of a new information or the way it is applied by an individual. The network can improve and expand its nodes and connections to react even faster according to the given context, creating the perfect composition of knowledge for the individuals specific need.

Differently than knowledge processed by the human brain, this network can be accessed, built upon and used by an unlimited multitude of contributing humans and machines.

The Miljn KNS is a hybrid intelligence. The human experts create and review the context, and supervise the process to serve the personal advice and decision support for the user if requested. But this humans-guiding-humans is performed in an augmented, partially automated manner. The KNS provides useful AI based assistance and support to refine the experts’ work for a world where everyone should have immediate access to valuable advice.


Experts guides powerd bv NFTs

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A bit more insight into Human Interface Design for Intelligence

Design at Miljn is the design for human intelligence. The visual and functional design of the interface determines whether individuals are able to recognise and interact with the intelligence of others and achieve their current goals. It must make complex knowledge easily accessible, reducing it to the essential minimum required to induce qualified action, and inspiring creators to craft the perfect prompts. It successfully lowers the interface noise between humans and machines, so that artificial assistance and the modelled experts guidance interact perfectly to support the individual.

2022 Design Achievements

Over the past 4 years, we've taken the most powerful knowledge interfaces we could find and asked renowned designers to push it further. User testing has produced impressive results and highlighted the direction we need to think and work in. But the story has only just begun.

2023 The first Miljn Design for Intelligence Hackathon

In the second half of 2023, we are planning the first Miljn design for intelligence hackathon. We invite talented minds to create the visual and functional future of humanity's finest artificially supported expert guidance for the era of Web3 in a cooperative competition.