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The Miljn community building takes place here at www.miljn.org. Here everyone has access to the app and early public cases. Partitioners can connect, publish solutions or participate in the academy or communities governance.


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Domains for users

If you have been invited by an expert to access his advisory case, if you want to access any published case or just start to play around creating your own stuff - feel free to create your free personal domain. To get started just choose one of the public cases here at miljn.org.

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Create a Miljn user Domain

Domains for experts

Start your domain in three easy steps (well, two are easy):

1 Create your personal domain

Use the free personal knowledge domain to gather your ideas for the guides that the world is waiting for you to share.

2 Start to create guides

Creating valuable guidance is not easy and needs practice. Check out our demo cases to help find the starting point for your own creations in your own voice. Involve colleagues and other professionals who are skilled creators; working together always feels good and produces better results.

3 Try a new perspective

The idea at Miljn is that you model your knowledge to reduce the time you spend advising others. It’s the opportunity to transform your expertise into a new service and business model.

Create a Miljn user Domain

Domains for Organizations

The Miljn team offers innovative partners and organizations the chance to incubate their desired knowledge domains to secure their future intelligence KPIs and targets. Find out more at www.miljn.com and reach out to the team for any questions around their services.

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