When will the BETA app be available?

According to our development plan this event will take place in February. You can access it under www.miljn.org together with a bunch of initial guidance cases. Until then you can register to be informed, once the BETA starts.

What is the cost of the Miljn service for experts who want to model and apply knowledge?

In the G2M phase, we talk about the Miljn BETA. This is free of charge for individuals. The personal domain will be and remain free for users and experts to achieve full inclusion and compatibility. In the Web3 environment, there may be another domain for experts with extended capabilities in addition to the free one. How this will be designed, we may not answer today.

What is the legal construction of the miljn.org community?

Currently miljn.org is legal property and under the responsibility of Miljn Limited. In the short term, the product development plan focuses on the human interface, data logic, and launch with partners. With the initial funding of the DAO in 2023, the building of the Miljn Web3 infrastructure and economy will begin, including the issuance of the $MJN token.

What does the DAO & governance development plan look like?

In 2023, we are preparing for token issuance. But before that, important milestones have to be reached; a successful go to market, important user experiments and the onboarding of further partners and investors of the Miljn DAO. Until then, all voting and decisions are still represented by the Miljn Limited. We look forward to when the conditions are in place to start the setup of the Miljn DAO governance on token basis.

Will the craft on “Miljneer” be executed by the Miljn Limited and team or by whom?

The Miljn team performs the task for knowledge domains that we incubate. In addition, we focus on building the Miljneers Academy to publish and share the knowledge. The activity itself can be performed by anyone and should be taken and trained by experts and organizations.