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No-one wants to think about their own ending. But we all have that moment, stepping onto an aeroplane when we really wish we were better prepared — just in case. So, using the power of generative AI, the Miljn studio has run-up a guide to help you prepare your legacy.

This case is not created by a human expert, and should not be considered as financial or legal advice. But neverthless it shows how Miljn can help you to navigate the essential aspects of this important subject, empowering you to leave a lasting impact for your loved ones and future generations.


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Create a legacy
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How it works

Organise your legacy planning with this AI-created guide as a starting point before you engage the necessary, but expensive, human experts.

You can add, delete and move cards to customise this guide for your own situation. As you work through the cards mark use the colours to mark your progress to pickup exactly where you left off.

Create peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones by embracing the power of Miljn to shape your legacy today

Guide helps you to proactively prepare your legacy, ensuring that your estate, family, digital footprint, and charitable giving are handled according to your wishes, once you’re gone.

Miljn App offers valuable AI-generated content to assist you in legacy planning, it's important to remember that this is an experimental guide!

Seek professional advice to ensure your decisions align with legal requirements and personal financial circumstances, before any changes are made.


This is a free guide.

Create a legacy

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