Build a thriving Web3 community

Communities are the key to success in web3. We'll take you on a journey through the Web3 technology landscape and teach you how to build, nurture and grow a dynamic community around your project, platform or idea


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Build a thriving Web3 community
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How it works

The Miljn methodology uses a systematic approach, trusted by specialist consultants for years.

1. A Step-by-Step Approach: Get guided through how to build web3 communities, ensuring you grasp each concept easily.

2. Your Learning, Your Pace: Take control of your learning journey by adapting the course template how you like.

3. Track Your Progress: Use color-coding to monitor your progress and stay organized as you start your journey as a web3 community builder.

Web3 Fundamentals: Learn about the core concepts that underpin Web3.

Minimum Viable Community: Answer 9 core questions to get started with building your community.

Practical Tips/Strategies: Uncover great strategies to build an engaging community and check out curated resources along the way.


This guide is 100% free to use.

Build a thriving Web3 community

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