About Us

In the dawn of artificial intelligence and the third internet, the way we create and access expert guidance is being redefined.

We want to be a creative part of this change and invite all interested parties, no matter if individual, expert or organization to enter the community, join the experiment and experience the opportunity this event provides.


In the world we live in experts guidance is not freely shared since it would harm the experts business.

Focus on action not searching

We all love web search. But when it comes to execution nobody is looking for millions of results. We are looking for exactly ONE result. But not even the top results were created to really solve our problem.

Immediate, high-quality guidance

We believe that access to expert guidance is key to an inclusive and efficient society.

In the combination of the best possible human interface for guidance, a quality trained AI and a new mindset and awareness on how to deal with expert knowledge we see the potential for immediate access to immediate, high quality guidance for everyone.

Solution — expert modelling methods

If the steps of a procedure are thoroughly modelled for the other, the latter can largely execute it on his own


It is designed to audit, curate, qualify and secure the processed content.

Artificial intelligence will significantly change the day-to-day business of experts in the coming years.

The use of powerful AI provides new ways to build, handle and access quality advice and guidance.

We are building a visual AI extension designed to create cognitive ease, abilities to modify the result to my needs, interact with others on my challenge and store any other relevant information or document within it.

A chatGPT interaction resolved using the Miljn design pattern

Collaborative Commons

While the marginal expenses for services and goods are persistently decreased through new and better technology, these opportunities also go along with a demand to shift our business models and supply patterns.

The economy of collaboratively created commons is entering its steep rise and delivers a shining vision on how we could make expert guidance immediately accessible and affordable for everyone.

We are exploring these new models facing the challenge to set the right incentives for the contributors to create these goods and making them available. This journey has just begun.

Problem — traditional mindsets stopping experts from:

Focus on action not searching


The intention to teach me to perform the procedure on my own is time-consuming, generic, not tailored to my needs, and the outcome is doubtful.

Creating useless content


Web content created by experts targets to generate traffic and convert into billable hours. Genuinely helpful content would harm that model.

Wasting clients time and money


Compensating experts solely based in their time commitment is not a strong incentive for them to improve their efficiency.

Imprisoning their knowledge


Prosperity should not rely on creating scarcity and dependence. Instead, experts should use their valuable knowledge for personal and societal growth.

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