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In the dawn of artificial intelligence and the third internet, the role of the expert and the way they practice their profession is being redefined. We want to be a creative part of this change and invite all interested parties, no matter if individual, expert or organization to enter the community, join our forces and experience the opportunity this event provides.


We believe that access to expert guidance is key to an inclusive and efficient society. In the combination of the best possible human interface, the next level data model and a new awareness and intention of the expert, we see the potential for immediate access to valuable expert knowledge for everyone.


Artificial intelligence will significantly change the day-to-day business of experts in the coming years. The use of powerful AI in a way that perfectly supports the expert and his clients is crucial to align the expert business with the future.


Web3 expands our possibilities in a new way to model our work and value creation through information technology. This also applies to the way experts deal with their valuable knowledge and guidance, how they apply it, automate it, secure it and finally how they create value and personally participate in it.